What to expect now Kellee Maree has Re "Branded"

Rebranding is just part of business. To be honest though, when I first started Kellee Maree Photography I never in a million years thought I would change my business name. I figured I was being smart using only my first and middle name, just in case one day I got married... which I did, but mostly because I had it in my head that was my only identity. As you can see, my name has a unique spelling which more times than not gets misspelled and pronounced, I even found that some people were hesitant to say my name due to fear of pronouncing it wrong.

It wasn't until I got deep into The Launch To Livelihood course with my now Mentor and friend, Taylor Jones, that I even considered rebranding to be an option. Thankfully with the help of Taylor, L2L group and my friends I found the confidence to explore this option and so Branded Brumby Photography was born.

So, what does this mean for my western art and lifestyle photography brand? Not much is changing really, I have made some tweaks to my photography packages, changed my website and made the ecommerce side of things a much smoother experience for my customers AND I have added lots of new prints.

Basically you can still expect the authentic western and cowboy art I have always produced with a much more streamline experience.

Happy trails,

Kellee Maree

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